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PRIM – Fleet Standards appoints a new road safety supplier – Cotswold Medicals Ltd

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

PRIM – Fleet Standards appoints a new road safety supplier – Cotswold Medicals Ltd

PRIM works closely with organisations to recognise them for their commitment to reducing road risk across their fleet. Uniquely, they award organisations of all fleet types and sizes, who are focusing on reducing road risk though proactive risk management. Organisations enter the accreditation at Bronze level and are awarded higher levels accordingly, with Platinum being the highest level of achievement.

One of the perks of becoming a PRIM – Fleet Standards member, is gaining access to a comprehensive range of vetted and approved Suppliers. All suppliers approved by PRIM are carefully selected to enhance a client’s business and assist their risk management programme.

Cotswold Medicals has been appointed as the PRIM nominated supplier of drivers’ medicals.

Cotswold Medicals first began examining lorry and taxi drivers in the 1990s but has since grown to be the largest independent examiners of bus, lorry and taxi drivers in the UK. Understanding that professional drivers want easy access to low cost medical examinations by experienced doctors, helped them do just that.

Widely recognised in the bus and transport industry, the Cotswold Medicals Group provide professional occupational health services to companies across the UK, working with some of the smallest and largest employers.

To date, Cotswold Medicals have examined around 250,000 drivers for DVLA licence medicals, new starter medicals and taxi and private hire assessments, across over 60 UK wide locations, using carefully selected, trained and monitored doctors.

Giving back from their successes, Cotswold Medicals give £5 to charity for each medical they conduct and are currently distributing £300,000 a year through their charitable trust, supporting many social and community projects around the world.

For more information on how you could benefit from working with PRIM Fleet Standards, or to obtain recognition for your organisation, go to or email


Source: FleetPoint

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