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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to being PRIM – Fleet Standards Accredited?

  • There are many benefits to being PRIM – Fleet Standards accredited, these can be found in the About Us section.


How easy is the standard to work through?

  • The standard has been made to be very user friendly and you will have access to the PRIM team to support you through the process.


Can I use the content from the Toolbox in my organisation?

  • Yes, we encourage our clients to utilise the road safety content and resources from the tool box throughout your organisation.


Can I advise my insurance company that I am PRIM – Fleet Standards accredited?

  • Yes, we fully encourage you to advise your insurer that your organisation is accredited as this can prove road safety compliance.


When will I receive my certificate?

  • You will receive your certificate within 5 working days of receiving the outcome of your audit.


Can I add the PRIM – Fleet Standards logo to my website?

  • Yes, as part of your accreditation you will be able to use the PRIM – Fleet Standards logo on your website and marketing materials.


Are the accreditation fees annual?

  • Yes, the accreditation fee will be charged at the beginning of your PRIM – Fleet Standards journey and annually thereafter.


Can I pay the accreditation fees by credit card?

  • You can pay your accreditation fees by credit or debit card or via bank transfer.


Can I book audit dates, suitable for my organisation? 

  • Yes, our audit team will make best endeavours to ensure the audit date is suitable for your organisation.


Do all of my sites need to be audited for the standard?

  • No, only 10% of your sites will need to be audited, to allow PRIM to gain a snapshot view of your organisation.


If my organisation fails an audit, do I get another chance?

  • Yes, should any non-conformances be raised, you will be provided with a detailed report highlighting the corrective actions required and instruction on how these will be reviewed.


How long will the audit take?

  • A typical audit day is 7 hours in duration, with the days required dependant on the size of your organisation.


I need to cancel my audit, what are the cancellation terms?

  • In the event you need to reschedule your audit, the cancellation notice is as follows:

                        Within 5 working days – 100% fee applicable

                        Within 6 – 11 working days – 50% fee applicable

                        12 working days and over - £25 administration fee


Are the award stickers for inside or outside the vehicle?

  • You will receive 10 vehicles stickers with your accreditation pack and you will be able to choose stickers suitable for inside or outside the vehicle.


Can I have enough stickers to use across my whole fleet?

  • You will receive 10 vehicle stickers with your accreditation pack and will be able to purchase more at cost price.


Does PRIM - Fleet Standards endorse training courses?

  • Yes, our L&D function are able to review course with the view to endorse to the PRIM standard for course content, delivery and learning outcomes.


Can I be a supplier for PRIM – Fleet Standards?

  • Yes, please use the contact us page on our website to request further information and speak to a member of the PRIM team.




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