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Fleet Source brings learning to life for driver training

Updated: May 10, 2023

Leading driver training provider, Fleet Source, is set to become the largest independent Virtual Reality (VR) driver training provider in the UK, with a major expansion of its VR training programme.

Fleet Source CEO, Nick Caesari, said: “It really is time for something new in driver training and we’ve invested heavily in the very latest VR solutions to bring learning to life for commercial drivers.

“Our bespoke content and leading-edge equipment is designed to truly engage with professional drivers, using real life experiences in order to change behaviours, make our roads safer and save lives.

“We’ve had tremendous feedback from fleet professionals for the VR packages we’ve produced within our training portfolio so far, with one customer reporting that 97% of drivers thought it was a positive experience.”

Fleet Source is now planning to extend the technology across more courses, including Safe UK Driving, Terrorism Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP) and Safe Green & Efficient Module 6: Fuel Efficiency, Emissions & Air Quality. VR will represent up to 30% of a standard 3.5 hour module in CPC. Nick added:

“VR can be transformative as a training tool, as drivers are totally immersed in real life situations with no distractions.  The technology enables us to create more engaging and interactive content to test drivers’ theoretical knowledge, response and reaction times. Instead of drivers being told about a process after an incident, they are fully immersed in the scenario, within the safety of a controlled environment.

“CPC has been with us for ten years and commercial drivers deserve a break from the PowerPoint lecture! VR presents a huge opportunity for radical change in driver training, which is both cost effective and truly engaging and we intend to ensure that fleet operators are able to fully embrace that opportunity.”

Developed by Fleet Source’s training and technology experts, the VR training solutions use real-life, 360-degree footage filmed in major cities, rural areas and motorways sourced from organisations including nationwide police forces and Transport for London.

Fleet Source also liaised with customers, safety organisations and the British Horse Society, for the equine element of the Safe UK Driving VR course.



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