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Goodyear launches DrivePoint: A new way for hauliers to monitor tyre pressure

Updated: May 11, 2023

Tyre pressure control is vital to provide trucks and trailers with enhanced mobility, fuel efficiency as well as optimised mileage and extended tyre service life. For this reason, Goodyear is launching DrivePoint, a very user-friendly tyre pressure monitoring system. This means that the company can provide three alternatives to suit the specific needs of fleet managers wanting to increase uptime and plan tyre maintenance proactively.

DrivePoint joins the existing TPMS and Drive-Over-Reader smart tyre monitoring solutions within Goodyear’s Total Mobility end-to-end value proposition also including tyres and a pan-European service network.

Alberto Villarreal, Managing Director Proactive Solutions and Fleet for Goodyear Commercial Europe said: “With DrivePoint, tyre pressure checks take just seconds to perform. Regular checks help to increase uptime whilst maximising fuel efficiency and reducing fleet’s carbon footprint. In addition to our other advanced and predictive solutions, it’s an easy to install solution that will meet the needs of many operators who want to maximize their fleets’ uptime while reducing their operating costs.”

Easy to install and advanced data-access

The Goodyear DrivePoint comprises on-valve tire pressure sensors and on-yard battery-powered receivers that read the pressure status in all the tires instantly while a vehicle is driving through them.

Collected data is uploaded to the Goodyear cloud providing easy access and reporting via the Goodyear Fleet Manager mobile and web IOS and Android friendly applications. If the pressure is below the recommended level the fleet manager receives an immediate alert in order to avoid a potential tire incident that could result in a vehicle stoppage and breakdown costs.

This new solution does not require demounting of the tyre as the sensors can be quickly installed on the valves reducing installation complexity and associated downtime. It is especially developed for transport and logistics companies looking for an easy-to-use yet very efficient tyre pressure monitoring solution.

“DrivePoint adds a cost-effective ‘on-yard’ alternative for our customers. We take care of the complete installation, and the system requires minimum follow-up maintenance. It offers the fleet full visibility on the tyre pressure levels of each vehicle enabling them to plan maintenance more effectively. Frequent vehicle tyre checks help reduce the chance of missed deliveries due to vehicle downtime. They also help to ensure maximized safety, efficiency and sustainability. Our focus is on delivering solutions that drive results for fleet operators and bring added value to their customers.,” added Villarreal.

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