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  • Mark Salisbury

FORS updates van driver training to help improve driver safety

Updated: May 11, 2023

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme has launched an update to its popular Van Smart eLearning module, to help upskill the growing fleet of light commercial vehicle drivers.

The eLearning module has been given an upgrade, including new learning scenarios and an updated format. The changes have been designed to make the information even easier for van drivers to digest, and thoroughly embed best practice into everyday driving.

The eLearning is part of the FORS Professional Van Smart training package, which aims to arm van drivers with the tools to help reduce the impact on the environment, maximise fuel use, correctly load vehicles, and most importantly, know how to avoid incidents with vulnerable road users.

The revisions to the mobile-friendly online module include improved user functionality, with learning points presented to amplify learning take-aways, with a comprehensive list of Dos and Don’ts for drivers.

The eLearning course covers all aspects of the daily van driving journey; from judging fitness to drive before setting off, daily walkaround checks, defect reporting, and safe vehicle loading, through to route planning, and of course, safe and efficient driving techniques while on the road.

Livia Gergely, FORS Membership Manager, said, “The eLearning module is designed to challenge drivers’ assumptions on vulnerable road users and think about how their driving impacts others on the road.

“In addition, the eLearning highlights how drivers can increase efficiency, learn anti-idling techniques, and provides tips on how good route planning and correct vehicle loading help lower emissions and reduce costs associated with additional fuel use.”

The refreshed training is part of the FORS Professional Van Smart training package, which includes a manager toolkit and detailed driver handbook, as well as a classroom-based course, with a practical on-cycle element allowing drivers to experience the road from the point of view of vulnerable road users.

Gergely added, “The light commercial vehicle sector continues to grow, buoyed by an increase in online retail. It is therefore imperative that, as with HGV drivers, van drivers are given the training they need to do their job safely, for the benefit of themselves and other road users.”


Source: Fleetpoint

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