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CLEAN achieve Bronze with PRIM Fleet Standards

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

PRIM Fleet Standards is a road safety accreditation scheme designed by industry experts, operators, former Met road policing developers, road risk providers and driver behaviour specialists. Bringing to the industry an accreditation framework to award and support all types and sizes of fleets in the UK. PRIM award those already deserving of the recognition, whilst supporting businesses that want to implement further improvements for road risk.

With road safety at the forefront of the operations at CLEAN Linen & Workwear, it will come as no surprise that they sailed through the PRIM accreditation process and gained the recognition they deserve. Exceeding the minimum legal standards for operating a fleet requires consistency, robust processes, positive engagement, innovation and a proactive disposition. CLEAN demonstrated all of the necessary ingredients of running a successful fleet.

Peter Cox, Senior Transport Manager at CLEAN said “The process to attain bronze accreditation was simple and took minimal time to complete. The dedicated transport teams at CLEAN continually strive for methods of Continuous Improvement in all areas of operations and safety and are totally committed to delivering outstanding initiatives in Managing Occupational Road Risk (MORR). PRIM allows us to benchmark our standards against all seven CLEAN sites as well as the wider logistics community. It became clear at the end of the audit that we were in a strong position to attain the next levels of accreditation and plans are already in place to do just that. We are delighted to have received the accreditation award which will further motivate the transport teams at all sites to continue delivering on CLEAN’s world class safety standards.

David Leleu, MD at PRIM Fleet Standards said regarding CLEAN’s success: “As a former operator myself, I know only too well how cumbersome fleet management can be and therefore we not only seek to award organisations, but to support them with consultancy, education, auditing, resources and fully vetted suppliers. The standard has been designed to be user friendly, to enhance upon what an organisation has in place and not to burden organisations with additional requirements that may not be the most suited to tackling the individual issues faced for varying fleets. It has been designed to truly allow our clients to approach road risk in the bespoke way that suits the needs of their organisation.”

No matter the size or vehicle type of your fleet, we all have a collective responsibility to ensure the safety of our drivers and the general public and in the case of CLEAN, we welcome their entry on to the PRIM Fleet Standard.

For more information on how you could benefit by obtaining recognition for your organisation, go to or email

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