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There are different types of membership available to suit different organisations and to best fit the way they run:

Multi-Site Membership:
Suitable for organisations with multiple operating sites which will be placed within the PRIM Fleet Standards accreditation. This is generally most suited for transport / logistic operations where their fleet is managed across various different sites. 

Centrally Managed Membership:
Suitable for organisations where all vehicles/operations are managed within one site. This is generally most suited for organisations with company car drivers where the fleet is managed within one central site, however, the employees/drivers could possibly be based at various locations. 
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Your PRIM audit requirements are calculated by either of the following points, dependant on how your organisation is run:
For a BRONZE Accreditation:
Only 1 desktop Bronze audit is required no matter the size of your organisation. 


For a Multi-Site Accreditation:
10% of the sites within your organisation will be required to be audited, to allow the auditor to gain a snapshot of your organisation.
For a Centrally Managed Accreditation:
The number of audits required is based on the number of vehicles within your organisation (most appropriate for when your fleet is managed within one, central location)
Additional Support:
The PRIM - Fleet Standards team take a consultative approach to support you through each stage of your accreditation, offering 'gap analysis auditing' that provides strategic time to ensure your organisation is on track to achieve your PRIM - Fleet Standards Accreditation.
Speak to your PRIM Account Manager for further information.


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