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  • Mark Salisbury

Three tips to avoid the most common HGV accidents

Updated: May 11, 2023

Driving a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) is an important responsibility. If an HGV gets into an accident, the weight and power of the vehicle involved can cause serious injury to yourself and others involved. As such, it’s important to prioritise training and awareness of the Highway Code. Read on to find out three of the most important tips for avoiding common accidents.

Take frequent rests

You should take frequent rests while driving an HGV. It’s common that a job involving an HGV will require travelling long distances over long hours. In this situation it’s easy to get tired, increasing the chance of making a mistake leading to an accident. Indeed, research from Volvo highlights how dangerous human error can be: nine out of 10 accidents involving trucks are caused by human error. To lower the risk of making a mistake – and for your own comfort – you should take plenty of rests and breaks while driving an HGV.

Avoid speeding

It’s also vital that you avoid speeding. You should stick to the speed limit while driving any vehicle, but it’s particularly important when you’re driving an HGV. This is partly because it’s much easier to lose control of an HGV than a normal vehicle – especially when you’re driving at a high speed. To ensure that you’re in control of the vehicle and ready to respond to any hazards that might emerge, you should always ensure that you carefully stick to the speed limits. At the same time, you should avoid going too slowly: ideally, you’ll maintain safe distances between you and every vehicle on the road.

Respect all traffic regulations

HGV drivers should also be particularly aware of traffic regulations. Some regulations can be frustrating – especially if they slow your journey down or force you to dramatically lower your speed. However, as an HGV driver, you have the responsibility to take care of your vehicle. As such, you should make sure you respect all traffic regulations throughout your journey.

Sometimes, even if you take every precaution you can, an accident is unavoidable. If you’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, it could be worth making a personal injury claim. By working with experienced lawyers, you can attempt to win the compensation you deserve to help you focus on paying your damages and making a full recovery.

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