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Fleet Standards appoints a new road safety supplier – Drive iQ

Updated: May 10, 2023

PRIM works closely with organisations to recognise them for their commitment to reducing road risk across their fleet. Uniquely, they award organisation of all fleet types and sizes, who are focusing on reducing road risk though proactive risk management. Organisations enter the accreditation at Bronze level and are awarded higher levels according, with Platinum being the highest level of achievement.

One of the perks of becoming a PRIM – Fleet Standards member, is gaining access to a comprehensive range of vetted and approved Suppliers. All suppliers approved by PRIM are carefully selected to enhance a client’s business and assist their risk management programme.

Drive iQ has been appointed as the nominated supplier for their driver well-being programme.

Drive iQ is an app-based driver well-being programme focused on empowering all drivers to be safer and make a positive impact on every journey they make.

Moving away from the traditional corporate model of selected drivers being risk assessed and then trained, Drive iQ believes that the key to improving outcomes is for everyone who uses the roads to understand how to be at their best, improve focus, remove distraction and manage any emotional influences which may adversely affect their performance. Drawing from expertise in behavioural psychology, task performance, neuroscience and physical well-being, Drive iQ has developed a series of techniques which can be deployed by anyone in any situation to ensure that they are able to perform at their best, using driving as the example of how each element contributes to being safer on the road.

Nick Rowley, CEO of Drive iQ said, “it’s time to take a new approach. We see a clear opportunity to combine technology and innovative content to deliver an entirely new way of improving driver well-being and reducing crashes. In contrast to ‘top-down’ models of risk management, the focus of Drive iQ is on positively engaging drivers by enabling them to become their own behavioural coach”.

Drive iQ is available as a smartphone app on Apple iOS and Android, and as a web-app on all major web browsers. International versions will follow in late 2020.

For more information on how you could benefit from working with PRIM Fleet Standards, or to obtain recognition for your organisation, go to or email

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