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  • Mark Salisbury

Nexar unveils new ‘plug and play’ dashcam with super wide lens

Updated: May 11, 2023

A new ‘plug and play’ compact dashcam has been launched by Nexar, with a 32GB SD card and free unlimited cloud storage.

Nexar said its Beam GPS can be concealed behind the rear-view mirror and records 1080p full HD video with a super wide lens for a 135-degree field of view.

It has also developed its own proprietary software and its app allows for live streaming of all video footage directly to a smart phone.

Eran Shir, Nexar chief executive, said: “Every day, as our connected network of drivers gets larger, our vision-based technology gives us a deeper understanding of cities and the hazards on the road. “We want the features and benefits of this network to be accessible to everyone.”


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