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PRIM – Fleet Standards appoints a new road safety supplier – Motoring Assistance

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

PRIM works closely with organisations to recognise them for their commitment to reducing road risk across their fleet. Uniquely, they award organisation of all fleet types and sizes, who are focusing on reducing road risk though proactive risk management. Organisations enter the accreditation at Bronze level and are awarded higher levels according, with Platinum being the highest level of achievement.

One of the perks of becoming a PRIM – Fleet Standards member, is gaining access to a comprehensive range of vetted and approved Suppliers. All suppliers approved by PRIM are carefully selected to enhance a client’s business and assist their risk management programme.

Motoring Assistance has been appointed as the nominated supplier of breakdown services.

Motoring Assistance is a nationwide breakdown membership company with offerings for businesses with different wants and needs, no matter the size of the fleet they will have a solution. Their feature rich memberships provide businesses with the security that no matter the size and type of the vehicle they will get them back on the road as quickly as possible.

Motoring Assistance is a nationwide breakdown membership company that provides 24/7 rescue and recovery services for any type of commercial vehicle throughout the UK. With a dedicated in-house control centre, over 750 rescue and recovery vehicles and over 350 contracted service partners – Motoring Assistance has an unpresented presence to provide an unrivalled service to their customers.

In addition to the comprehensive breakdown and recovery solution, they offer a fault and non-fault accident solution, offering an all-encompassing service that will get your company back on the road as quickly as possible in the unfortunate circumstance where one of your vehicles is in a collision.

Zac Bagwell, Motoring Assistance Director said "We're extremely excited and honoured to be appointed as the nominated supplier of breakdown services to PRIM customers. We understand how costly it can be when a company vehicle is out of action and we appreciate the urgency to get those vehicles repaired or recovered as soon as conveniently possible. We look forward to offering our comprehensive breakdown solutions to businesses of all sizes, each with their own individual requirements."

For more information on how you could benefit from working with PRIM Fleet Standards, or to obtain recognition for your organisation, go to or email


Source: FleetPoint



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