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  • Mark Salisbury

BCA launches LGV Apprenticeship programme

Updated: May 11, 2023

BCA is hosting a number of regional apprenticeship open days to meet potential candidates interested in embarking on a career as a LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) Driver.

Events are being staged in Sunderland on 19th January, 2022, Perry Barr Birmingham on the 2nd and 3rd of February and Sheerness (date to be confirmed).

BCA Automotive operate the UK's largest transporter fleet supporting a large number of motor industry customers, including vehicle manufacturers and leasing companies. BCA Automotive handles the movement of manufacturer’s vehicles from port of entry to retail dealerships and subsequent moves from dealerships into the wholesale used vehicle sector.

The LGV apprenticeship programme is open to individuals of all ages, and will run for 12 - 14 months throughout various locations nationwide. No previous experience is necessary but candidates must hold a full UK car licence. Post-graduation, candidates have the opportunity to achieve a Class 1 licence and earn a salary of up to £50,000.

During the opening day, prospective candidates will learn more about the benefits and reality of embarking on a career as a LGV driver, as well as an understanding of the apprenticeship course structure and exactly what the programme involves. Apprenticeship provider SP Training will be on hand to assess potential candidates and invite successful candidates back for 1-1 interviews.

For further details, please contact or see the BCA website at

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