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  • Mark Salisbury

Young people won’t drive trucks even with a £35k salary

Updated: May 10, 2023

The UK is facing a shortage of 76,000 thousand drivers, despite the wages being higher than the UK average and jobs being waiting.

Mark Hall from a rubbish removal company “ Young kids don’t think the professional driving industry is sexy enough and instead they are all spending £30,000 on a university degree with a dubious title such as media studies only to eventually get a job in an oversaturated industry where they will be paid £18,000, makes no sense.”

“At despite having amazing looking purple vans, we are struggling to recruit drivers, there is a load of demand around right now for HGV drivers and they have the pick of the bunch, couple this with no one new entering into the profession and the wages will keep getting higher and higher”

What are the issues?

Brexit isn’t helping, the papers and news shows are showing daily photos of drivers stuck in their trucks.

Trucker Mark Taylor from Addingham “I’ve been an HGV driver for 20 years, it’s a great job and I’ve been all over the UK and some of Europe”

“I found the first lockdown the hardest, and like others, due to the toilets been closed on the motorways I got caught short and had to improvise” “It’s well known within the industry that the UK has a major shortage of HGV drivers and that younger people simply aren’t being attracted to the haulage industry and the government is not helping.

”It’s not all doom and gloom, we have heard of some new people wanting to enter the industry, but due to COVID they simply can’t get the training or they are still waiting to complete their examination”

“The government needs to do more to attract younger people into the industry, they need to incentivize the insurance companies to support 18-21 year professional drivers and immediately increase capacity at the testing centers. The very backbone of our country is at risk”

Change of career

Due to COVID, many have been forced into facing finding new work “No matter what your age or background, you should seriously consider retraining and joining the industry, there are jobs for life available and demand has never been so high” says Hall.

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